A Monster Explodes

Author: Lewis Wolfe
Title: A Monster Explodes
Release Date: 2020-08-27
Genre: Horror

Terrible shadows live in the coastal town of Treeport. They roam the streets, stealing dreams and ambitions that don't belong to them. The hearts of children are precious indeed, but the young are often defenseless against monstrous demands.

Jane Elring has spent her entire life in the darkness; shadows don't frighten the small psychic. When she is asked by Caleb—her first and only friend—to deal with the situation in Treeport, Jane sees it as the perfect opportunity to repay him for all his help.

Intangible shadows need a master however. Faced with the abominable greed truly pulling the strings in Treeport, Jane finds herself in a fight she might not be able to win. Maybe the demon living inside her head can even the odds a little?

A Monster Explodes pushes the small psychic to whole new limits. You may not like Jane Elring when she's angry.

  • Jane Elring
  • Caleb Epps
Asin: B08GTL56DV
Language: English