A Monster Explodes

Author: Lewis Wolfe
Title: A Monster Explodes
Release Date: 2020-08-27
Genre: Horror

A mother running from her past.
A coastal town haunted by shadows.
Can Jane Elring still turn the tide?

A terrible greed hides in Treeport, Oregon. It roams the streets, hunting the hearts of children. Youthful ambitions are precious, but they stand defenseless against monstrous demands. Where do you go when nightmares come to life and adults turn a blind eye?

Jane Elring doesn't fear shadows; the darkness is her second home. Staring down the bizarre forces in Treeport, however, pushes her to whole new limits. Sometimes, victory requires the sacrifice of blood—suffering is a basic requirement.

You may not like Jane when she gets angry.

  • Jane Elring
  • Caleb Epps
Asin: B08GTL56DV
Language: English